“There is a missing project subtype…” error on adding a Windows 10 UAP project in MonoGame 3.4

I decided it was a good idea for me to enter the Hull Windows 10 Game Jam (or Windows 10 Three Thing Game, or Yorkshire Game Jam) this year, drawing on my nearly non-existent knowledge of game development and the tiny amount of work I did with XNA a couple of years ago.

Hey, I never said it was actually a good idea.

As MonoGame added Windows 10 support a little while back, I thought I’d try and get some practice in with it before the event. So, after setting up a Windows 10 dev box and downloading MonoGame, I created a new solution and added a MonoGame Windows 10 UAP project to it.

When I added the project, I ran into an error saying “There is a missing project subtype. Subtype ‘{[GUID]}’ is unsupported by this installation”. This was because I didn’t have the Windows 10 development tools installed – all I had to do to fix it was install the tools from here.

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